At the bottom of this website we will have page links to various offerings from Banty Red Tobacco & Ale Co.  We will update the populations and checklists as often as time allows.  Thank you very much for visiting!


Measuring the standard size of a Topps card from 1952-1956, the "base set" consists of players that were active in 1952, while the remaining cards depict players that entered the game in the following 25 years through 1977.  Card numbers 308-407 are reserved for modern guys. Finally, there will be an open-ended subset of unnumbered players. You can view these additions in the population report at the bottom of this page.

Cards of Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, Whitey Ford—among others-- grace the fronts with era-friendly write-ups on the full-color reverses.  The set kicks off AND closes with images of Ed Mathews in his first springs with Boston.  The low numbers from 1-210 will be produced roughly 3x as often (up to 4 per year—but usually less) as the “High Numbers” 211-307. The reason is strictly nostalgic.

Each card is colored by hand and put through a series of filters digitally mastered to mimic an authentic 1952 Topps card.  In addition, research was done to obtain accurate facsimile signatures of most players featured.  Interesting to note, Mickey Mantle’s “rookie era” signature was used.  The low numbers debuted in December of 2015 while the high numbers began in the spring of 2017. All cards are hand distressed to varying degrees and will range from grading standards of GOOD to NM with most around the VG-EX range.  ‘Pack Fresh’ cards will be available occasionally but will be limited to only 1 per card.   This is a fun set to make and reflect upon the “what ifs” and I will continually strive to maintain the integrity of each and every card!


The “flagship” of the Banty Red Company, these are also referred to a “Banty Red Man Style”.  They measure about the same size as their muse and are pressed on a thick stock with eye-popping color and detail. Personally, Red Man Tobacco cards are my favorite collectible.  I have often wished they would’ve continued making them.  There is no limit to how many of these we will create. It starts with an idea, request, photo, or just basic interest.  The set currently consists of everyone from Doak Walker to Secretariat.  We’ll make an effort to list some populations here in 2019.


The winter, 2016, released set will feature subjects from the ’51 season with a handful of multi-player offerings and a few players will have 2 poses. Obviously inspired by the 1951 Bowman set, these are sized appropriately.   In theory, these would’ve been available at retail shops where tobacco and/or Banty Red Ale were purchased and came 3 to a pack.  We’ll offer packs from time to time!